1. Hi there!

    I'm an animator from Chicago and I recently watched all of the 2014 CalArts films. I really enjoyed a handful of them and I've made it a point to reach out to the artists and let them know. Your blog seemed to be the only way I could find to contact you.

    I thought "Bugged" was really well done both stylistically and technically. I think also what grabbed me almost immediately is the conflict, the tension between the boy and the insects. They weren't messing around! Grabbing him, stealing his stuff, beating him up! Even fooling him into a moment of protection with the praying mantis. Serious business. That grabbed me and kept me interested. And by the end of it all, the boy gives up and thought to myself, "yeah, good! Get outta here, you. He kinda deserved it for trying to trap innocent creatures."

    Aside from all that, the quick little grabs and struggles, the little looks and reactions - it was all very snappy and timed very well I thought. I particularly liked the boy jumping for joy (twice) in the very beginning. Just a little secondary action to really sell his happiness to the viewer. Nice touch.

    So anyway, thanks again for making some cool animation! I plan to share with my small team at work :)
    Good luck and take care!


    PS - apologies for posting my babblings right to your blog! XD

    1. oh wow thank you so much Bob!
      I was actually kind of disappointed at myself at the end of the year xD haha.
      There were many things I planned but I wasn't able to do everything due to the time limit.
      But I think it was a great learning process. I hope I can do better next year!
      Your comment actually encouraged me a lot, thank you! :)