Silly sketchbook doodles, random drawings.

I found some old doodles! This one is from last year. 
I was trying to learn Portuguese words by drawing something for each word. 
This is one of my favorite words so I post...!

Ghibli Erin.

This is something that I drew for T, actually for his mom. 
That is how I imagine her, hope I got her right.

 I was lost...

An unhappy child wanting some attention.

I think this page was from Pixar day. I was doodling whatever the Pixar people were saying.

Hydration is important but I tend to pee so often.

Old Zoo Drawings

I remember the mother chimpanzee pooping and feeding the poop to the baby chimpanzee for some reason.
I'm not sure if I got it right but it was a weird scene to watch.

I got back to school and realized how I drew more people than animals.

Life drawing teachers.

Silly frog.

Sneeze Girl Design

I've been casually doodling this girl and finally did a turn.

More food....!

This one is random foreign food edition. I love pé de moleque!

I guess this one is close to common American food. 
That sandwich looks like a subway sandwich...!


Filmmaking is so hard!