Summer watercolor

Tiny watercolor doodle. Japanese food edition!
They look kind of big on screen but in real life they are super tiny paintings. 
(I don't know...smaller than an inch?)
I have more but it's taking me forever to crop and organize...

Sneeze Girl

Sneeze Girl early ver. It's a random film idea I'm casually working on.

Sneeze Girl ver.02
I'm not sure about the main character's design...

Character Design II assignment!
I did a turn for this friend character in Sneeze Girl.


Mabinogi watercolor

I played Mabinogi for 8years since the open beta period. 
I stopped playing since I got hacked but yes...good times, good times.


I miss harvesting wheat

Some NPC



Past Life Drawing Class stuff


Quick poses + Watercolor.

Richard has a body of Eva...!

More coloring

Bleeding marker.

Quick charcoal sketch

Unfinished drawing, but I like the thick feeling of the material
 I'm not sure what it's called, but I was using some weird sticky pastel...?

Cool Japanese model.

A drawing I did on portrait day. I drew Quinne! 
I wish I could get rid of that drawing on the back showing through...

A recent drawing from class.

Doodling myself

I was imagining about Brazilian Churrasco during this summer.


Jungle Tour

Jungle meat party

A doodle of me eating grapefruits. I once had a grapefruitful week!

And me going on a squash hunt with April one day. I bought 5 kabochas on that day.
Walked backed to school carrying all those...

Happiness comes from a cup of yogurt, 
kabocha, tomato, grapefruit, broccoli, and sweet potato.

Vons doodle date! We has so much salad