Summer watercolor

Tiny watercolor doodle. Japanese food edition!
They look kind of big on screen but in real life they are super tiny paintings. 
(I don't know...smaller than an inch?)
I have more but it's taking me forever to crop and organize...

Sneeze Girl

Sneeze Girl early ver. It's a random film idea I'm casually working on.

Sneeze Girl ver.02
I'm not sure about the main character's design...

Character Design II assignment!
I did a turn for this friend character in Sneeze Girl.


Mabinogi watercolor

I played Mabinogi for 8years since the open beta period. 
I stopped playing since I got hacked but yes...good times, good times.


I miss harvesting wheat

Some NPC



Past Life Drawing Class stuff


Quick poses + Watercolor.

Richard has a body of Eva...!

More coloring

Bleeding marker.

Quick charcoal sketch

Unfinished drawing, but I like the thick feeling of the material
 I'm not sure what it's called, but I was using some weird sticky pastel...?

Cool Japanese model.

A drawing I did on portrait day. I drew Quinne! 
I wish I could get rid of that drawing on the back showing through...

A recent drawing from class.

Doodling myself

I was imagining about Brazilian Churrasco during this summer.


Jungle Tour

Jungle meat party

A doodle of me eating grapefruits. I once had a grapefruitful week!

And me going on a squash hunt with April one day. I bought 5 kabochas on that day.
Walked backed to school carrying all those...

Happiness comes from a cup of yogurt, 
kabocha, tomato, grapefruit, broccoli, and sweet potato.

Vons doodle date! We has so much salad


2nd year film idea in progress

Rough doodles  for my second year film.

Character design.

Horizontal pan

Vertical Pan

I'm trying to model this boy in Maya for CG Foundation...

Some Layout Assignments

First layout assignment of this semester. It's a runaway monkey...!

Erin cooking in her room. Mmmmm sushi



CalArts 2013 BFA1 Film
Music - Yotsuba OST 09 Cleaning Up

Some early character designs for the vegetables.

Things in the kitchen!